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The Work

Bee Infinite offers your community a creative renovation through professionally designed experiences. We collaborate with teams of artists, anthropologists, on site NGO’s, Ecology experts, among others, depending on each community’s unique needs. 


Through personalized interdisciplinary designs, with Clowning at its core, we inspire genuine community engagement.


Bring an innovative and transformational impact to your community through one or a combination of the following components:

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Be immersed in a personalized experience of joyful collaboration, and together unveil infinite possibilities that open up for your community to face its unique challenges in surprising new ways.


Your community will tap into valuable information that can diagnose key elements in your circle to either empower, resignify, and/or integrate core issues and challenges.


Together we will laugh, cry out of inspiration, stay silent before a truly beautiful moment, run, play, or simply look curiously into each other’s eyes. 


Bring your community together and help a curious Clown co-create meaningful insights with enthusiasm, innocence, and the exact pinch of ingenuity. With pre-designed topics based on the needs and challenges your community is facing, Clownferences pose questions for everyone to naturally get involved through fun and simple interactions.


Open paths for inspiration and offer new ways to nurture life in your community with joy, curiosity, and awe. 

We can personalize our Clownferences or create one just for you!



Shows are playful, poetic, and deeply emotional experiences that naturally inspire community engagement. Bee Infinite shows weave diverse artistic languages with Clowning at its core. We collaborate with a community of sensitive artists to bring you a moving and unique experience.


Together we can create a completely personalized show for your community, or offer one of our shows and adapt it to your specific interests. 


Community circles are the perfect complement to ground and integrate the valuable information that derive from our shows, Clownferences, and/or workshops.


We carefully design an experience to open key conversations for your community to listen to one another honestly and with open transparency, and offer tools for approaching situations where your circle might feel stuck or disempowered. Through simple actions, like breathing together, playing with our eyes, creating sonic landscapes with our voices and bodies, and much more, we can reignite our inspiration to resignify core experiences in new realistic ways!


Why Clowning?

A red nose is a human heart sharing Life. 

When you open your heart and natural creativity, a flood of infinite possibilities becomes available for everyone! 

Let's Clown!

Lao-Tzu wrote: ‘As within, so without.’


Clowning can be a fertile ground to freely explore our inner landscapes with respectful curiosity. By connecting with others through joy, honesty, and playfulness, we explore our outer landscapes. 


Active creativity invites us all to revalue our place and our voices in this co-created symphony called Life. 


How are we to integrate our societies, ecosystems, and personal challenges within and without? Together we can freely play and resignify our relationship to ourselves, while connecting to our social and natural ecosystems in renovated ways.


Let’s open our hearts and experience the beauty of holding each other's hand, looking into each other's eyes, smelling chocolate, or becoming humble before the greatness of a very very tall tree…



Some of Our Past and Ongoing Projects

Allow yourself and your community to share your infinite potential!


My name is Adriana Medina and I have been Clowning since 2001 in hospitals, indigenous communities, nursing homes, agro ecological communities, urban contexts, theaters, and more.


To me Clowning is a way for opening our hearts to the Life we are, and allowing creativity to come forth as a spontaneous way of being in the world, inviting us to co-create our everyday reality through Presence, simplicity, and awe.


My main interest is to inspire genuine community engagement through interdisciplinary designs with Clowning at its core. 


In 2018 I founded 'Bee Infinite' and co-founded the Clown Company 'Yo S oY Semilla'

Since then I’ve been engaged in designing community networks through artistic practices that not only sprout from professional artists, but from the hearts of diverse communities, recognizing our deep creative nature as humans. 


A central ingredient in these design practices is my bachelor’s degree in Communication and a constant interdisciplinary collaboration with teams of artists, anthropologists, on site NGO’s, Ecology experts, among others, depending on each community’s unique needs. 


I offer useful tools that invite communities to go through their own challenges with insightfulness and an open heart. In this way, we are nurtured by the collective wisdom that naturally sprouts from playful creativity.


I’ve collaborated with dozens of NGO’s, and for the past 5 years with ISMG, a strategic communication agency working in the US, Mexico, and Central America, creatively inviting social change. 


In 2020 the American World Jewish Service, headquarters in NYC, offered my Clown Company, Yo S oY Semilla, a two years grant to work on the ‘Nationwide Strategic Communication Workshops through Clowning Art, in collaboration with Impacto Social Metropolitan Group’, sharing joy and valuable tools for social change to communities across Mexico. The innovative and transformational impact was so clear that we have been offered 3 more years of this grant to go deeper and offer new Clown components and tools to continue supporting and inspiring community engagement. 


My professional and long time training in Voice, Yoga, Qi-Gong, and Reiki, embrace this journey with compassion and deep listening practices, combined with the methodologies of artistic processes.

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